The Martin Dollhouse Collection©

Barbie® Size Heirloom Quality Wood Dollhouse Kits, made to fit Barbie® and smaller dolls. 

Built with Pride by our family for your family. "Proudly" Made in America, made to last the test of time.

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Take a peek at our heirloom quality solid wood collection for boys and girls:

For Barbie®: The Martin Dollhouse Collection includes 4 models: Country©, Townhouse©, Alpine©, Chalet©,

For Girls: My Play Kitchen©

For Boys: Action Figure City©®. 

Open the Doors to a world of imagination and fun.

   Dollhouses shown with One Extra Drawer Unit attached at bottom

Dollhouse (Chalet)                      Dollhouse (Alpine)                   Dollhouse (Country)            
  43"h x 33"w x 15"d                              51"h x 33"w x 15"d                            50"h x 47"w x 15"d

Basic Dollhouse, Finished Townhouse coming soon!
Townhouse (62"H x 32"W x 15"D)


My Play Kitchen   (48"H x 48"W x 15"D) 

 Action Figure City  for Boys & Girls (48"H x 36"W x 12"D)  

See "Pricing & Order Form" 

Size Doll house kits, Heirloom quality. Also suitable to Fashion Dolls and smaller-sized dolls. These are dollhouses for children to be played with and are true Toy Heirlooms that will be handed down from one generation to the next. 

If you're looking for an "Antique Road Show" type Heirloom that will increase in value, these are the right dollhouses for you. 

Other doll house's on the WEB can't claim they are "Proudly Made in America" because they are not.  When they say "Only Available in the USA" or America or "Find them in the USA" or America, or "Their Company name or logo next to USA or America" or made in a (specific state) plus "designed in the USA", they are trying to fool you into believing they are made here.  They are actually Made in China, Thailand, Mexico or other third world countries. 

Please take your time when choosing a quality dollhouse.  Read their breakdown on the materials used and you will find that they are flimsy, crude in construction using inferior products that are masked to give a finished appearance.  They are not made to last the test of time.  Only the season!  Cutesy but they don't last and stand up to the stringent requirements of children playing with them on a daily basis and certainly not something that can be handed down from one generation to the next. 

Their main construction consists of plastics that break, thin photo finished paper backgrounds to mask thin pressed wood (Luon or Bloncata) or standard rough on one side inferior low grade plywood that is used in hidden construction.  "Scored" grooves for assembly (Webster Dictionary definition "Scored"  barely marked with no slotted grooves which lack strength in joining and assembly).  They also use thin MDF "manufactured density fiberboard" better known as (pressed cardboard) for their main wall construction, combined with grooved MDF glued to cardboard for part of their main exterior siding structure, main walls and floors.  I use top quality 3/8 inch thick 7 ply Baltic Birch (finished both sides, a light bleached color that can either be painted, stained or finished to your taste) typically used in high end cabinetry & drawers. 

Our kits are pre-cut, dadoed/grooved, pre-drilled, numbered & ready to assemble. Since they come unfinished, they're ready for you to turn them into your dream Heirloom.

There are only between 10 & 13 major pieces to put together in these easy to assemble dollhouses.  The Barbie size Doll house Kit's normally take two to three hours to assemble the main structure, but take your time so that it turns out right the first time.   

We provide FREE support throughout the entire process from assembly through finishing including many years down the road when you decide to make decorating changes to your great Heirloom.  We want you to feel good about your finished product.  If you can squeeze glue and pound a small nail, you can do it. 

When you order the shingles and siding, attaching them is easy using a hot Glue Gun or wood glue.  Each dollhouse comes with Nails, and a Square to help you with your assembly.  Just purchase a bottle of a good quality wood glue (Tightbond II exterior wood glue) and your ready to go. 

Our dollhouses, furniture and accessories are Proudly Made In America by me, using only the best materials to ensure the Heirloom quality.  The Barbie® Size Doll house Furniture sets are pre-built "Pine" wood and sanded.  They do not require any further assembly, and are ready for your final finish.  The furniture and dollhouse can also be used for smaller dolls.  This Heirloom Toy is an excellent investment for now and the future. 
All of our dollhouses and other Heirloom Toy products are uniquely designed ORIGINALS.  Creative designs that lead the way with many standard features that surpass our competitors including tongue and grooved construction, pre-drilled holes for easy assembly, scallop trim, cutout doorways, cutout windows, built in drawers, stairs that go to each floor including cut out stairway openings, lower steps to the extra bedroom, family room or garage, a walk out deck with heart shaped railings, a wood ceiling fan that turns and a spacious Dormer (bay window) for that final touch.  The Barbie® size dollhouse and all of our other Heirloom Toys are designed for children 4 years and older.  I've signed and dated these unique collectables including my Copyright © 1990 thus adding to the Heirloom originality.  Any infringement on said Copyrights will be pursued to the fullest extent of the law. Step by step assembly and finishing instructions are included with your order.  Please visit each individual Web Page for detailed information about each of our products. See "Pricing & Order Form".

We would love to hear from you regarding your recent experience viewing this web site.  Please take a few moments to tell us what you think about our site by opening the web page titled: "Provide Us Feedback".  Your input is very important to us. 

The Dollhouses and dollhouse furniture are Copyright © .  Any reproduction for sale and/or distribution is strictly prohibited and is subject to criminal prosecution.  Barbie® is a registered trademark of Mattel, Inc.  Martin & Bell Heirlooms, LLC is not associated or affiliated with Mattel, Inc.  Action Figure City ©®  is also a Registered Trade Mark exclusive to "Action Figure City".  Please respect Copyright and Trademark infringements.         

512-717-5685 or toll free 1-844-438-5566

The Martin Dollhouse Collection is part of Martin & Bell Heirlooms, LLC.

Barbie® is a registered trademark of Mattel, Inc.  Martin & Bell Heirlooms, LLC  is not associated or affiliated with Mattel, Inc.  The Barbie Doll size Accessories are protected by Copyright ©.  Please respect Copyright infringement. 

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