Barbie size Dollhouse accessories are designed to enhance your Barbie size doll house. Barbie size Dollhouse Wooden doll house Kits, Dollhouse Heirloom Toys are Built to last the test of time.

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miter box & saw

Aluminum Miter Box with Saw

This aluminum miter box is just 6″ long making it ideal for small work. Each unit has two 45* and one 90* angle cutting slots. Comes with handle (54 teeth per inch x 5″L, 12MT) saw blade for smooth cutting of wood, plastic, and thin metal.

All items are uniquely designed to fit this wooden Barbie size Dollhouse sized for Barbie, Fashion dolls and other smaller dolls. Install the shingles and siding using Hot Glue. By tilting the dollhouse so that the roof is horizontal, regular wood glue can also be used. You’ve heard the term “A work in progress”. Your Barbie size Doll House will go through various updates and color transformations just like your real house. You will have fun decorating and redecorating your true Heirloom to last for generations. Please visit our “Home” Page and Products List to see more information about this and other products.
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