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Action Figure City® Kit

48″ high by 36″ wide by 12″ deep

This unique four level Action Figure City® kit is designed for all types of Action Figures. The cityscape backdrop is pre-drawn and ready to color using colored pencils, paint, or magic markers. The landscape sets the stage for action and imagination.

Combined with realistic features such as telephone poles with simulated wiring, man hole covers on the main street, with ladders that lead to the subway level where a lot of the action takes place. The subway has cracked tile walls that are so apparent in old subways. There is a platform including subway tracks, awaiting the arrival of the next train. The subway also has a hidden escape door in the tracks with another ladder that goes down to the next level where Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles® do battle and hang out.

On both sides there are circular water mains that are accessible by ladder rungs from the outside of the structure. There is another escape door with a wooden box lid or grate appearance that goes down the last ladder to the depths of the main sewer system where the creatures and bad guys dwell. The bottom depth of this system has an open sewer that appears to go on forever. It also has sewer openings that flow from the two drawers on both sides of the structure into the main sewer.

The drawers have their own sewer cutouts and can be switched to close the sewer openings so that the monsters below cannot enter the drawers which can be used to extend the playing area or store you Action Figures when not in play.

The wood structure comes with major components manufactured from 7 ply, 3/8″ thick birch plywood used in high end cabinetry. It’s smooth on both sides and can easily be painted, stained or finished as you like. Pieces fit together with tongue & groove dados and each piece is numbered for easy assembly.

All of the trap doors & tracks are already installed. All you need is a hammer and a damp rag for assembly. Step by step assembly and finishing instructions are included with your order as well as glue and nails.

Action Figure City® is a Registered Trade Mark exclusive to Martin Dollhouses, LLC.