Alpine Wooden Barbie Dollhouse from Indy

Wooden Barbie Alpine Dollhouse with extra drawers
Sunni B. from Indianapolis is another true artist. She bought The Alpine wooden Barbie dollhouse kit with two extra 2-drawer units for more storage. She also bought some of our solid wood furniture and instead of upholstering with fabric, she painted them in awesome colors.The colors and wallpaper are so much fun. Of course we love the yellow – it’s so bright and cheery. And she even made some drapes for the windows. I can only imagine what her daughters thought when they saw it Christmas morning. Here’s what Sunni wrote me: “I wanted to tell you how wonderful the dollhouse is. I have 3 daughters and the oldest has outgrown it, but the younger 2 spend hours playing with it. It’s such a great toy, and I really appreciate your company producing the kit. We love it!! Thank you so much for a quality product and fast shipping. You were amazing to work with and I am so grateful to you for helping me give my girls such a wonderful gift. I just love the dollhouses that you produce and have told all my friends and co-workers to purchase a kit for their daughters and sons.” I’m often asked if I can make more delicate, intricate furniture. Yes, I can. But for kids, I like to keep the furniture more substantial so they can play with the accessories without worrying about breaking anything. I do a few special pieces for adult collectors. They are much more delicate and really only for looks and light play by adults. Yep. You heard it right. Some of us adults have been known to “play” with our collections. I still have my original 14 Barbies, Kens and GI Joes. And through the dollhouses, I get my need to decorate out of my system. My husband thanks me all the time!