Barbie Dollhouse Lamp

Barbie dollhouse lamp with paper shades

I’ve been playing with a Barbie dollhouse lamp a little bit. Years ago (okay a decade or two but who’s counting) this is what the designed looked like – sturdy enough for kid’s play but not very elegant. With some paint and some fabric it does turn out pretty nice. And it’s solid wood so it’s child-destruction tested.

Older version of Barbie dollhouse lamp all wood

Here’s another version I recently completed. It was from this version that I added a paper shade and created what you’re about to see.

Barbie dollhouse lamp before shade


My latest on a Barbie Dollhouse Lamp

These Barbie dollhouse lamps are solid wood – birch and pine – but the “lamp shade” is not tapered. The lamp shade is wrapped with nice, heavy foil/gold paper. I like the way the floor lamp really brightens up the corner of the living room in The Townhouse dollhouse.

Barbie dollhouse lamp with paper shades

I stained the wood with a darker stain to offset the gold-colored tables. Donning rubber gloves, I just dipped the entire lamp based in the stain, shoot off the excess, and set it aside to dry. I then sprayed it with a clear gloss spray paint coat. The above living room table lamp is slightly larger than the two bedroom nightstand lamps below.

Barbie dollhouse lamp with paper shades for bedroom nightstand Barbie dollhouse lamp with paper shades and custom upholstered Barbie wood bed.

I really like the way everything came together. The wallpaper was some scrapbooking paper I found – the dots are ‘fuzzy’. I did a custom upholstered, wood Baltic Birch bed.

Barbie dollhouse lamp and complete bedroom.In another blog, I show how I made a removable Barbie doll bed mattress. After all, you can’t have Barbie sleeping on a hard bed.

Barbie enjoying her Barbie dollhouse lamp and bed with mattress.

The above rooms are from a Barbie dollhouse, The Townhouse, I donated to our local high school for a fundraiser for their theater group. I do a few commissioned pieces each year for special events and on customer request. It only take a few hours to assemble on of my kits, but it does take some thought and time in decorating.