Barbie Wooden Townhouse Donated to Local High School

Barbie wooden townhouse donated
Couldn’t resist donating another Barbie wooden townhouse to a great cause. The Theater Booster Club at our local high school is trying to raise funds to send the kids to Edinburgh, Scotland as representatives for the USA. Very exciting. I finished a Townhouse I had started and donated it as their key raffle item to raise money during their production of My Fair Lady.
Stenciled the scallop trim with paint.
Sun Goddess enjoying the deck under her new umbrella.

Interior Details for the Barbie Wooden Townhouse

What really makes a house a home is how the inside is finished. The Barbie Wooden Townhouse is big enough to have 2 bedrooms. Here’s the first one – ceiling fan and vaulted ceiling make it roomy.
The wallpaper has fuzzy dots.
I love love love the lamps. Check out my other post on lamps.
Under the knitted bedspread is a think, comfy mattress. You can make one that’s removable or you can sew one permanently into the Barbie wooden bed.
I like the lighter-colored floors, the art work on the wall, and the modern, upholstered bed. I’ve been playing with bed designs and wanted to see how a platform bed with built-in night stands would work. Let me know what you think.
Ok. I had too much fun with this. Painted these little wooden trinket bowls for the dressing table. I need figure out something to make that will fit in the little jar.

Bedroom Number 2 in the Barbie Wooden Townhouse

Let’s check out bedroom #2. I got a little fancy with the wallpaper here. It took a while to size it correctly and make it look like fabric wall panels. The wooden bed was upholstered and a mattress was sewn permanently into the wood. Check out this blog on how I did that. I think I’ll keep doing it this way in the future. I stained the cheval mirror a darker stain and used a really cool fabric for the “carpet”. Of course every window has trim and every room has detailed baseboards.
Bedroom 2 with custom wallpaper, carpet and upholstered bed.
The bedding has gold threads to match the paint, wallpaper, and headboard.
Bedding is reversible. And of course the pillow is so soft it’s making me want to take a nap while I’m typing this.
Close up of the baseboard.

The Bathroom in the Barbie Wooden Townhouse

Kept it pretty simple and elegant. This room has crown molding and a wood chair rail. I really like the tile design. Good words to live by everyday.

The Living Room

Spent quite a bit of time on the Living Room — furniture to upholster, tables to paint, lamps to create, and some artwork. I could have kept going but ran out of time.
Dark “wood” floors, elegant wallpaper and simple upholstery on the sofa a chair.
Had fun designing and making new lamps. The lamps are all wood with a heavy paper for the the shades.
Of course there has to be a really cool painting.
And some flowers on the tables.

The Kitchen in the Barbie Wooden Townhouse

Parquet floors, fun wallpaper and a painted stripe.
Fun artwork to inspire a great start to the day.
Love asparagus.
Cool look into the living room from the Kitchen.
I’ve got some big design ideas for a future Townhouse – I’m thinking NYC, Manhattan, maybe some shopping. Stay tuned.