Bedspreads to Make a Barbie Dollhouse a Home

I admit it. I love to sew. I’ve been sewing since I was six when I started on my great-grandmother’s old Singer treadle machine. I started making Barbie clothes.

Yep. Still have it by the way. Beats working out on a bike at the gym!

Without telling you my age, I can safely say I’ve been sewing a LOOONNNGGG time.

I’ve kept my dollhouse quilts and bedspreads pretty simple for now – frankly I don’t have time to really do the work I love to do – very intricate designs. But maybe these will give you some inspiration. And I always love to see other people’s work. Send me an email with your creations and I’ll post them on my website and Facebook page for all to enjoy.

Okay. Here we go. Love this one. Of course, everything I make is reversible because even Barbie, Monster High Rochelle Goyle, and Bratz Sasha like variety in their bedding.

Here it is with the other side showing. Also did some lace on this one. Love the black polka-dot pillow. The other pillow is reversible too. The pink throw is knitted. Something I do while in the car (passenger seat only) or watching TV at night.

Purple is it. Reversible pillow and bedspread.

Here’s the other side. The white throw is also knitted.

All the bedspreads I make are 12′ long by 9″ wide, to fit the beds I sell.

This mattress is sewn into the bed. I’ll cover that in another blog.

The next bedspread is knitted.

Chose some fabric to match the headboard and wallpaper. This is from the Townhouse I donated to our local high school for a fundraiser.

The other side has gold in it as well.

Love this one, but forgot to take a picture of it with the pillows and on a bed. This was a gift I gave to one of my dollhouse buyers at Christmas.