Chicagoean Decorates Martin Dollhouse Country Dollhouse Kit

Decorated Martin Dollhouse Country
Just had to share how Tiina A. from Chicago decorated the Martin Dollhouse Country Dollhouse kit. She worked on the Country off and on for several months and still has plans to add some wallpapers to her Country Dollhouse. Overall, she says she was thrilled with what her daughter received at Christmas. Here’s what she had to say: “We purchased the kit last December, 2015 after a long search for a quality dollhouse. I built the house after last Christmas. This fall (2016), I just felt that this had to get done before the upcoming Christmas. I did not want to rush with the wallpaper and wall trim, so I’ll take a break until January and finish it then. My daughter loves it!!! Get ready. What Tiina did is sweet and elegant.
Martin Dollhouse Country Dollhouse Kit decorated by Chicagoean
I love how simple and elegant Tiina’s dollhouse is. She chose “The Country” kit with an extra set of drawers for all those little Barbie extras.
Check out the fireplace and the bed. Love all the little trinkets scatter throughout.
I had to ask Tiina about the dolls. I just loved the bunnies and the little critters at the table. She said she bought them from a Danish toy company called Maileg. She also mentioned that a few pieces are from the retired Angelina ballerina collection (by American Girl).
Martin Dollhouse The Country Dollhouse kit patio setting with furniture
Really nice Christmas decorations.
I like her wreath on the door and the lights she strung. And I really like the gray siding. Makes it so contemporary.
Martin Dollhouse Country Kit decorated by Tiina
Can’t wait to see how she continues to evolve her heirloom.
It never ceases to amaze me how creative someone can get with decorating a dollhouse. It’s fun, and it’s a lot faster and cheaper than decorating a real house. If you don’t like the wall colors, just repaint them or wallpaper, or stencil them. Wait? Stencil? Oh yeah. That’s been my latest thing. I’ll be sharing some of those photos soon. Thanks Tiina for sharing and inspiring all of us!