With four Barbie wood dollhouse kits from which to choose, you’re sure to have plenty of choice for Barbie’s needs. Martin Dollhouses are designed and manufactured in the USA. Each Barbie wood dollhouse kit is signed, dated, copyrighted, and numbered with the Martin Dollhouse branding iron.

We source the highest quality materials, and whenever possible, we source from the USA. We use only top quality, 3/8” thick 7ply Baltic Birch, typically used in high-end cabinetry and furniture.

All Martin Dollhouse Barbie wood dollhouse kits come unfinished. With only 10-13 major pieces to assemble, you’ll have Barbie’s new house ready for your personal decorating touches in 2-3 hours. If you can squeeze glue and pound a small nail, you can make your own dream heirloom toy.

And what a great way to spend quality time with your child – building the house together and then decorating as you like.

Of course, if you do have questions, we’re a phone call away. We provide free support throughout your entire process from assembly through finishing.


Here’s What Comes With Your Kit

Basic Dollhouse Structure


  • 10-15 pre-cut, numbered, and ready to assemble3/8” thick 7ply Baltic Birch wood pieces that form the basic dollhouse structure
    • All pieces come with pre-drilled holes and dadoed construction providing extra strength and durability
    • All pieces are pre-cut for windows, doors, doorways, and stairway openings
    • Easy-to-follow instructions come with pictures and step-by-step instructions
  • Pitched Roof with scallop face trim
  • Spacious Dormer window with an extra attic room (available on some of the models)
  • 3-4 MDF pieces that form the back of the dollhouse.
  • Walk-out deck with heart-shaped railing (on certain kits)
  • Pre-built stairs that lead to each floor including lower steps to the extra bedroom, family room, garage, or whatever you want it to be.
  • Built-in drawers designed so your child can store her Barbie dolls and accessories in an organized way.
  • A wood ceiling fan that really turns
  • Everything you need to assemble your heirloom, including Wood Glue, Nails, Sandpaper, and a Carpenter’s square
  • Easy-to-follow instructions come with pictures and step-by-step instructions.
  • Customer Support for as long as you need it



For a limited time, we’ll also include ALL of the following items with your kit. This is a 35-50% savings from years past.


Attic Railing

The perfect finishing touch for The Country© and Alpine© Dollhouses. Solid wood railing and spindles that you can paint or stain any way you like. Comes unassembled with pre-drilled holes for the spindles so you can paint the railing a different color if you like.



Deck Door

The Crossbuck door keeps the elements out of the house but let’s Barbie® see the deck from her bedroom. With real wood construction and finished trim on both sides of the door, it really opens and closes.




Precut and ready for your creative touch, shingles are the ideal finishing touch for the outside heirloom. Shingles are made of Luan, a tropical hardwood plywood often called Philippine mahogany. The texture and coloration gives the shingles the appearance of the real thing. In addition to the shingles, you also get a ridge cap for the roof peak and finish trim for the front of the house. Shingles are easily and permanently applied using a glue gun.

1 Shingles on Finished HouseShingles-3DShingles-flat



Wood Slat Siding makes your heirloom look like a real house. Siding comes in unfinished slats and are easily cut to size. The miter box saw can do the job for you if you don’t have an Exacto knife or little saw.

1 Siding Finished2 Siding3 Siding unfinished4 Siding finished



No house is complete without windows. Made of solid wood, these windows come with a heavy-duty plastic sheet for the ‘glass’ window. A slot in the window allows for the plastic to be removed for easy painting. All kits are precut for window placement.




Real wood shutters give your heirloom an elegant, finished look.

1-Window---Decorative-w-ShuttersFinished exterior window, shutters & sidingShutters-side-by-side-standing