Lucky Girl in CT gets Wooden Barbie Country Dollhouse

Wooden Barbie Country Dollhouse with unique shingles
Here’s more inspiration for decorating your Martin Dollhouse Country kit or any dollhouse kit for that matter. Katrina J. of Connecticut has an amazing eye for color and overall design. She’s done a few things that we don’t see very often, this time on The Country with a Front Closure. For one, she painted the shingles which gave it a really cool, modern look. She also used a different trim on the dormer window rather than the scallop trim. I like how she painted the shutters and doors peach. It really pops. Check out her flooring options. Note the bedspread. It’s one I sent her. Here’s what Katrina told me. “The house was a huge success, and I finished it day before Christmas Eve. I make one for each of my in-laws when they have a girl and they turn four. The first one I did is still loved after 6 years.”       What an incredibly generous lady! I certainly got a bunch of new decorating ideas from Katrina. Katrina’s creativity and generosity are an inspiration. I can just image how excited all these little 4-year-old girls were when they first saw their wooden Barbie dollhouse. She’s a good one to talk to about how long it takes and how she pulls it all together. She makes me think how much fun it would be to have guest decorators each year to develop a decorating kit for each of the houses.