Action Figure City® Dollhouse Kit


    Barbie shouldn’t have all the fun. Now your Action Figures can get in on the scene with Action Figure City®. An underground sewer, hidden passageways, and all manner of intrigue, Action Figure City can handle all the imagination and creativity you can throw at it.

    Built with the same high-quality materials and attention to detail as the Martin Dollhouse Collection©, Action Figure City is sturdy enough to handle the roughest play.

    And because it comes as an unfinished kit, you can decorate it like a New York City scene or an outpost on Mars.

    All Martin Dollhouses are designed and manufactured in the USA. Each piece is signed, dated, copyrighted, and numbered with the Martin Dollhouse branding iron.

    We source the highest quality materials, and whenever possible, we source from the USA. We use only top quality, 3/8” thick birch plywood, typically used in high-end cabinetry and furniture.

    All kits come unfinished and ready to create your own heirloom. If you can squeeze glue and pound a small nail, you can make your own dream heirloom toy.

    And what a great way to spend quality time with your child – building together and then decorating as you like

    Of course, if you do have questions, we’re a phone call away. We provide free support throughout your entire process from assembly through finishing.

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