Furniture Bundle 2


Barbie doll sized wooden furniture made of solid pine and Baltic Birch wood. Bundle 2 comes with three major pieces.

Deck/Patio Furniture

The Deck/Patio set comes with a chair, lounger, and table with umbrella. This is our favorite piece at Martin Dollhouses. They’re just too cute for words. Umbrella comes in varied fabrics. If you want a specific color, call us or send us an email, and we’ll customize it for you.

TV and TV Stand with Remote Control & “TV Shows”

Barbie’s TV comes with a TV Stand that has 2 working drawers and a remote control. Everything comes pre-finished with the TV in black and the TV Stand an off-white, cream color. The remote control, as with all the pieces are made of wood to withstand play. And there’s a slot on the side of the TV that allows you to “change the channel” and watch your favorite shows. When you order, just put in the memo field what your favorite shows are and a laminated screen shot of each show, up to 6, will be included.

Wardrobe Closet

The Armoire or Wardrobe Closet is one of our favs with solid construction and doors that open to a roomy closet. The rod really works and can hold hangers with Barbie’s favorite pieces.