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Lucky Girl in CT gets Wooden Barbie Country Dollhouse

Here’s more inspiration for decorating your Martin Dollhouse Country kit or any dollhouse kit for [...]

Alpine Wooden Barbie Dollhouse from Indy

Sunni B. from Indianapolis is another true artist. She bought The Alpine wooden Barbie dollhouse kit with two extra 2-drawer [...]

Chicagoean Decorates Martin Dollhouse Country Dollhouse Kit

Just had to share how Tiina A. from Chicago decorated the Martin Dollhouse Country Dollhouse kit. She [...]

GI Joe Creator Passes Away

I just read the news about GI Joe creator, Sam Weston, passing away this month. [...]

Adding a Barbie Doll Bed Mattress – Permanent

So last time, we looked at a Removable mattress for Barbie’s wooden bed. Let’s take [...]

Adding a Barbie Doll Bed DIY Mattress – Removeable

I’ve been playing around with making a Barbie doll bed DIY mattress. Version One is removable and can [...]

Barbie Dollhouse Lamp

I’ve been playing with a Barbie dollhouse lamp a little bit. Years ago (okay a [...]

DIY Barbie Bedding Makes your Barbie Dollhouse a Home

I admit it. I love to sew. I’ve been sewing since I was six when [...]

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