Recent Dollhouse Owners Sharing Their Creativity

December 2016:  Tiina A. from Chicago sent us this update in December. She says she plans to add some wallpapers in January, but overall was thrilled with what her daughter received at Christmas. Here’s what she had to say:

“We purchased the kit last December after a long search for a quality dollhouse. I built the house after last Christmas. This fall, I just felt that this had to get done before the upcoming Christmas. I did not want to rush with the wallpaper and wall trim, so I’ll take a break until January and finish it then. My daughter loves it!!!”     

December 2016:  Katrina J. of Connecticut has an amazing eye for color and overall design. She’s done a few things that we don’t see very often, this time on The Country with a Front Closure.

For one, she painted the shingles which gave it a really cool, modern look. She also used a different trim on the dormer window rather than the scallop trim. I like how she painted the shutters and doors peach. It really pops. Check out her flooring options. Note the bedspread. It’s one I sent her.

“The house was a huge success, and I finished it day before Christmas Eve. I make one for each of my in-laws when they have a girl and they turn four. The first one I did is still loved after 6 years.”      

December 2016:  Sunni B. from Indianapolis is another true artist. She bought The Alpine with two extra 2-drawer units for more storage. She also bought some of our furniture and instead of upholstering with fabric, she painted them in awesome colors.The colors and wallpaper are so much fun. Of course we love the yellow. And she even made some drapes for the windows. Here’s what Sunni had to say:

“I wanted to tell you how wonderful the dollhouse is. I have 3 daughters and the oldest has outgrown it, but the younger 2 spend hours playing with it. It’s such a great toy, and I really appreciate your company producing the kit. We love it!! Thank you so much for a quality product and fast shipping. You were amazing to work with and I am so grateful to you for helping me give my girls such a wonderful gift. I just love the dollhouses that you product and have told all my friends and coworkers to purchase a kit for their daughters and sons.”