Adding a Mattress to the Barbie Bed – Permanent

So last time, we looked at a Removable mattress for Barbie’s wooden bed. Let’s take a look at my new favorite – a mattress sewn into the bed’s platform. As a reminder, the measures 12-1/2″ x 5-3/8″ wide. I used the same finished measurements as I did for the Removable Mattress:  Cut 2 pieces of […]

Adding a Mattress to the Barbie Bed – Removeable

I’ve been playing around with different kinds of mattresses for Barbie’s dollhouse wooden beds. Version One consisted of 3 pieces of fabric – top, bottom, and a long strip for sides. After measuring the flat part of the bed, which is 12-1/2″ long x 5-3/8″ wide, I cut my fabric 14″ x 6-7/8″. This allows […]

Lamps With Paper Shades for Barbie Dollhouse

I’ve been playing with lamps a little bit. Years ago (okay a decade or 2 but who’s counting) this is what the designed looked like – sturdy enough for kid’s play but not very elegant. With some paint and maybe some fabric it does turn out pretty nice. Here’s my latest on lamps. They’re still […]

Bedspreads to Make a Barbie Dollhouse a Home

I admit it. I love to sew. I’ve been sewing since I was six when I started on my great-grandmother’s old Singer treadle machine. I started making Barbie clothes. Without telling you my age, I can safely say I’ve been sewing a LOOONNNGGG time. I’ve kept my dollhouse quilts and bedspreads pretty simple for now […]

Townhouse Donated to Local High School

Townhouse Barbie Wood Dollhouse Donated to Local High School Couldn’t resist donating another dollhouse to a great cause. The Theater Booster Club at our local high school is trying to raise funds to send the kids to Edinburgh, Scotland as representatives for the USA. Very exciting. I finished a Townhouse I had started and donated it […]

Upholstering Wood Barbie Furniture

Upholstering Wood Barbie Furniture For the BarbieⓇ wood dollhouse I donated to the Lone Star Cattleman Foundation, I also included wood furniture for each room. Here’s what the whole set looks like before finishing: I love Batik quilting fabric. If you take a peak in my sewing/quilting studio, you might think I’m a hoarder. I prefer “fabric […]

Barbie Wood Dollhouse Donated in Austin

Front of Barbie doll house from Martin Dollhouses

Alpine Barbie Wood Dollhouse Donated Here it is. The finished wood Barbie® dollhouse I donated to the Lonestar Cattleman’s Associate Annual Soiree. It took about 2 weeks, from start to finish, mainly because I added so many little extras. I must admit – adding the flower boxes was fun! I could have done much much […]